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hairdressers Cosenza

via Panebianco, 542 (via Molicella, 1) | 87100 | Cosenza (CS), Italy | +39.0984.35137 | +39.0984.35137

look and well-being


Engaged in the study of fashion for over fifty years, the designer Sante Orrico always loves to experiment with new styles and colors, in order to anticipate fashion trends and offer solutions that are an expression of style and innovation. Create a relationship of mutual respect and trust with customers is one of the distinctive elements of the team, which is essential to understand the individual needs. The thirteen hairdressers engage in the continuous search for nuance, expressive forms and innovative products.

Tradition, research and creativity are of beauty "Orrico Style" a point of reference for the woman who does not look only to the apparent beauty but rather it is a total wellness. Our MISSION, implemented through constant training course professional team aims to allocate a large and growing attention towards the health of the hair and scalp. The young spirit and the desire to innovation ensures that the staff is always evolving, ready to propose new trends and anticipate trends.

Opening days:
From Tuesday to Saturday from: 08:00 alle19.00
Services by appointment
Service wives at home

The atmosphere is warm and elegant, furnished with quality materials, matte steel and wood, a mixture of modern and classic lines in a blend of elegance and impressive. White, black and burgundy shades favorite, which enhance the refined style of the wide open space, divided between the department coiffure female, the room reserved for the male clientele and beauty cabins, dedicated to make-up advice and personalized treatments for the body.
Services: Unisex - Beauty - Manicure - Make up - Relax - Massage - Solarium - Music - Bar - Resale of products and bijoux - Private Parking


look and well-being

Via Panebianco 540/542 - Via Molicella, 1
87100 - Cosenza (Italy)
Tel./Fax +39.0984.35137

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