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Factory Trichology and Professional Cosmetics in outsourcing


Restructuring: BIO ZID HAIR BALSAM. Selective conditioning detangling of Capello. Emulsion reactivating after shampoo that restores the hair's natural shine and brightness. You can also apply without distinction in the following cases: On bleached hair, restoring their full-bodied. On electrified hair, returning them to their normal static equilibrium. On dystrophic hair, ridonandone body and life. With tips on hair breakage and brittle, reincorporandoli definitively to their physiological normality. Detangles the hair, making it easy to comb. HOW TO USE: After washing your hair with a good shampoo, apply the emulsion on the well-rinsed hair, massaging them thoroughly with uniformity for a while. Leave on for a few minutes, then proceed with a thorough rinsing. Content 250 ml. / 1000 ml.

Restructuring: BIO ZID HAIR CREAM. BIO ZID HairCream and a universal treatment with effect from the multiple-purpose uses. Distributed with uniformity, gives shine and softness restoring the natural elasticity to the hair exploited and debilitated. It protects the skin and hair length from technical applications (permanent dyes, bleaching, etc.). Tones and neutralizes static electricity without weighing it down. HOW TO USE: Apply a small amount of BioZidHairCream damp hair, straighten it and bring it to the ends. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and then proceed with a thorough rinsing. Increase the time to rinse your hair with sebum. Content of 500 g. - 1,000 g

Restructuring: KERA THERAPY specific shampoo. Shampoo specifically designed to carry out an intense moisturizing hair follicle and the hair shaft. A high concentration of keratin and an active complex of ceramides play both incisive restructuring and nourishing action. The same active ingredients in combination with protein and essential amino acids help to protect the hair preventing damage caused by external agents, both chemical weathering. Your continued use of this specific detergent capillary favors a natural strengthening of the hair giving it elasticity and look naturally healthy and shiny. Content 250 ml.

Restructuring: KERA THERAPY beauty mask. Restructuring Mask Beauty specific hair with nourishing and softening. Thanks to the action of a complex of keratin and ceramides, an intense feature elasticity, giving the hair more shine, combing and natural volume. Content 250 ml.

Restructuring: KERA THERAPY restructuring lotion spray. Restructure Restructuring Lotion Spray treated and damaged hair, giving more volume and combing. Its specific formulation on the hair develops remedial action thanks to the content of keratin and ceramides; regenerates the hair in depth and promotes the protection of the same external thanks to a thin protective film. content: no gas spray bottle with spray 125 ml.

Restructuring: triaca OIL NON OIL. Triaca OIL NON OIL and a protective created for each type of hairstyle and any type of hair. It is particularly indicated for debilitated hair, parched by chemical treatments or inadequate drying in dryer too close; also acts as a protection from prolonged exposure to the sun, against salt and weather conditions (humidity, wind, smog, etc.).. For his film-forming action, prevents the formation of split ends and full-bodied, giving volume to the hair and eliminating electrostatic charges. HOW TO USE: After shampooing, pour a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and make a good spread evenly on the hair, massaging them thoroughly. For the prevention of split ends, repeat the process on the hair almost dry by pouring a few drops on your fingers and then distribute them exclusively on the tips. Operation is completed, proceed with the normal drying. In cases of exposure to the sun the sea and the mountains, moisten the hair with a small amount of triaca OIL NON OIL, leaving them to dry in the wind. Content 250 ml.

Treatments Finish: triaca PROFESSIONAL HAIR GEL. Triaca PROFESSIONAL HAIR GEL is suitable for all hair types facilitating hairstyle and also the winding in styling, leaving no residue. By applying the right amount on the hair is given a particular sparkle by donating their body and life styling. HOW TO USE: Apply at the discretion, on wet or dry hair, modeling the desired styling. Content of 500 g.

Treatments Finish: Trisca LISS AND WAVY Smoothing Fluid Effect frizz. Fluid smoothing and shaping of innovative formulation and multiple functions. Ideal as a finish. It gives better grip styling helping to shape the desired styling. SMOOTHING EFFECT: Used on wet hair makes it easy to fold and use the plate protecting the hair fiber. It gives a good seal to the ironing process through the use of the dryer. STYLING MODELING EFFECT: Gives flexibility and definition to curly hair and natural. During the permanent can be used on the locks after they have been neutralized by increasing the volume and definition of hairdressing. Its components rich in active ingredients protect the hair from the effects of drying up due to heat Dorante drying and give softness, luster combined with a permanent seal. HOW TO USE: SMOOTHING EFFECT: On wet hair and apply the product to towel-dried hair with the help of a comb, and then proceed to dry with hair dryer or plate. EFFECT STYLING MODELING: On damp hair, apply the product and then dry in dryer or helmet. Use in greater quantities and dry with a diffuser for curly effect. To cancel the electrostatic effect, apply a small amount of product on dry hair. Content 150 ml.

Treatments Finish: OXY LIGHT Oxidizing Emulsion Cream. 20 vol. HydrogenProxide 6%, 30 vol. HydrogenProxide 9%, 40 vol. 12% HydrogenProxide. Oxidizing Emulsion Cream. It is a suitable oxidizing cream stabilized dye oxidation and discoloration. Its creaminess and softness offer extreme ease of mixing it with products that creamy gelatinous. It blends easily confirming the stability of the volumes and the invariability of the pH of the dye. With its base treating defends the hair from excessive aggressiveness of colored chemicals used in mixing. HOW TO USE: It is easily applied with a very good adhesion to the hair and allowing the cosmetic properties of the compound to reach an excellent outcome, giving the hair shine and brightness of color and maintaining their natural and optimal physiological structure. content: 1000 ml.

Treatments Curatvi: BULB VITAL Fall vials. And the result of selected research oriented solely on the treatment of anomalies and disorders of the hair bulb and in particular on the prevention of hair loss. The composition of natural extracts and highly enriched with plant substances specific purpose, make the complex BULB VITAL prepared a very active and challenging. Of considerable importance and nourishing action that takes place on the roots of the hair bulb. HOW TO USE Apply the lotion on the skin and hair moist and clean. A delicate and continuous circular massage. Proceed to dry. Content 13 VIALS 6 ml each. 50

Treatments Curatvi: NEW DEAL TrattamentoCutocapillareAntiforfora. Dandruff complex. DANDRUFF LOTION. The use of Anti-Dandruff Lotion allows you to keep within the range of a bathroom and the other the skin clean. Sulphur and PiroctoneOlamine (Octopyrox) prevent the development of dandruff keeping the hair healthy and vigorous. BATHROOM CUTO CAPILLARY ANTIDANDRUFF Lava thoroughly the hair, without weakening them. Can also be used for frequent use. It does not affect the water balance of keratin. Leave your scalp perfectly clean. Content Shampoo 100 ml. Content single 10 ml vial. 10 pcs.

Treatments Curatvi: DERMAL Vials Dandruff Citrus, Aha & Vit C. At Citrus, Vitamin C, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. Fluid Cutocapillare dandruff. Dandruff Treatment Cutocapillare. The fluid DERMAL, against dandruff, performs a deep cleansing of the skin, softening unsightly dandruff together with an intense emollient. With treatment, you can do so cosmetically beneficial and normalizing the hair bulb, helping to create a hygienic environment that stresses the vital functions and the normal secretion of the sebaceous gland. The scalp and hair, resulting toned, are enriched with the natural sources of protection and defense against chemical and external aggressions. HOW TO USE: On damp hair and clean, pour the contents of one vial as possible to the base of the hair, taking care to distribute the product evenly. Facilitate penetration with a slight but prolonged massage. Do not rinse. Proceed to dry. Apply 1-2 ampoules per week. Pack No. 10 Vials Unidose. Content ID ml single vial. 7 - AN ml. 3. Package Content ID ml. 70 - AN ml. 30


Factory Trichology and Professional Cosmetics in outsourcing

Via Tecnica 6 - San Martino dei Mulini
47828 Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini - Italy
Tel. +39 0541 758844

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